Live @ Pizza Express (London)


For about 4 years, my good friend Antonio Ciacca would invite me to come to Italy for about a month to perform.  He and I would spends hours working out arrangements and going over phrasing and then go out and perform.  One summer, we had about 15 gigs in a month all over Europe.  Pori, Marciac, Italy and London.  The London gig was at the Pizza Express.  My long time bassist from New York, Kengo Nakamura, was also on many of the gigs.

Any musician will tell you that the more you perform together with a group of cats, the tighter you sound.  On this, the second night of a three night hit at the venue after a month of touring, we were as tight as a group could hope to be.  The tube (subway) in London stops running at around 12:30 am apparently on some if not all nights.  The audience had us play a FOURTH set and we didn't get out of there until 1:00 am.

That was a great musical experience.  These tracks are a document of that experience.  I hope you enjoy.


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South of the Border
You Go To My Head
The Date (Dialog)
On a String
High School (Dialog)
8 Years
Trouble (Dialog)
Lisa Mae Rene Brown
My Kind of Girl
St. Louis Blues
My Funny Valentine